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Our Favorite Holiday Stress-Less Tips

‘Tis the Season We know how stressful the holiday season can be. And we want to help. Of course we encourage you to schedule time with us in our Community or One on One Clinics. But we also pulled together this list of things for you to see, do and create in the Baltimore area during this special time of year. From the [...]

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Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture?

The short answer: No.* *However some limited Medicare Advantage Policies do (through a private Medicare-approved insurance company) Solution? Consider our affordable Community Clinic option! For more information, visit this article at

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Basic Self Care Tips for Fall

One of the many beauties of Chinese Medicine is the idea that we are a part of nature, and so naturally our lifestyles should change and be in harmony with the seasons. The transition from summer to fall is a big one, especially for those of us who are particularly sensitive to change. Summer is all about yang - heat, [...]

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Late Summer DIY Wellness

During the late Summer heat and dampness tend to be prominent. Both of these elements can easily throw the heart and spleen function out of balance. Internally we may be feeling clammy, sweaty/sticky, have a poor appetite, heaviness in the limbs and fatigue may arise. Tip # 1: Eat cooked foods that nourish the spleen-pancreas and ease digestion. Don't combine too [...]

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Addressing Needle Fears

On the topic of "Does it Hurt?" You know when you were little and played with a safety pin or sewing needle for that thrill of danger? Sliding it just barely under the skin to see what would happen, it doesn’t hurt, but still has that sense of potential pain. I’ve been thinking of scenarios to compare acupuncture needles with. [...]

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NEW Remington Community Clinic – Opens March 15!

We've been busy opening our NEW Community Acupuncture Clinic in Remington (opening Wed March 15). We think you will love it (hint: free garage parking, no steps, new design)! Enjoy a session in the clinic most convenient for you. We ask that you now schedule your visits (read more about this recent change). Our New Community Hours (as of March [...]

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