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About Us

Mend’s mission is make acupuncture a no-brainer. We do this by educating and promoting the use of acupuncture as a safe, effective and non-drug tool for pain management, anxiety and many internal conditions.

With three locations in the Baltimore area and offering One on One sessions, an inexpensive Community Clinic option, plus a mobile clinic, Mend makes it easy and affordable to receive quality acupuncture care.

Mend acupuncturists are kind, caring and compassionate, and licensed for practice in the state of Maryland. Each of our practitioners have a range of backgrounds allowing us to offer varied acupuncture care with further reach.

While it’s great to see the same practitioner, we work as a team. If you are unable to schedule with your usual acupuncturist, no worries. With our coordinated patient care, you can be assured to receive continuity in your personalized treatment plan.

We offer the following acupuncture styles:

  • Five Element Acupuncture

  • Eight Principle Acupuncture

  • Balance Method Acupuncture

  • Auricular and NADA Protocol Acupuncture

  • Japanese Acupuncture

Meet the Team

Sarah O'Leary, L.Ac.
Sarah O'Leary, L.Ac.Owner & Acupuncturist
Sarah was born into a healthcare family; her grandparents, parents and sister all have worked in primary care. The landscape of healthcare has changed dramatically in those 3 generations – from small town family doctors to big managed care settings. Sarah’s personal mission is to bring acupuncture’s methods (patient centered, effective, non-pharmacological care for many conditions) into the current healthcare fold. Between seeing patients and running the clinics, Sarah is a wife and mom of two little ladies here in Baltimore.
Kim Hennessee, L.Ac.
Kim Hennessee, L.Ac.Director of Operations & Acupuncturist
Kim has worked in a variety of healthcare settings over the last decade (including Women’s Health and Pain Management) and has seen how patients benefit from folding acupuncture care into their medical care. She is a natural educator and has worked in-house as well as on a larger, national scale to share the best data on acupuncture’s most effective uses. Kim loves to laugh and is a wife and mom of two boys.
Michael Drakos, L.Ac.
Michael Drakos, L.Ac.Acupuncturist
Michael seeks to provide compassionate and effective care that relieves pain, improves quality of life, and boosts resilience. His practice is rooted in the study of traditional acupuncture, and complemented by professional training in orthopedics and sports medicine. Driven by a love of learning and a fascination with creative processes, Michael especially enjoys tailoring treatments that address the unique concerns of athletes, educators, artists, performers and fellow healthcare providers. He lives in Baltimore with a very skeptical cat.
Nikki Hatch, L.Ac.
Nikki Hatch, L.Ac.Acupuncturist
Nikki Hatch found her calling at age 18, when she regularly spent nights volunteering in a family homeless shelter. She went on to harness this calling within the field of Social Work & Community Organizing working with a variety of populations domestically and internationally (including prisoners, survivors of torture, refugee). After decades of observing how our biography can manifest in our biology she committed to the life-long study of Chinese Medicine which at it’s root honors the whole person, the power of her environment and the body’s wisdom and it’s resiliency. When not practicing in clinic you’ll find Nikki completing her post-graduate studies in Chinese herbology, and maybe on her off days somewhere near water.
Alexandra McElwee, L.Ac.
Alexandra McElwee, L.Ac.Acupuncturist
Alexandra McElwee, L.Ac. is a recent Baltimore transplant from Columbus, Ohio where she has been practicing acupuncture in a community style clinic. Her ambition in life, and in the clinic, is to be as present and compassionate as possible.
Aside from connecting with patients and helping to relieve pain, Alexandra loves being the facilitator of ‘adult naptime’ as an acupuncturist. As patients blissfully doze during their treatments, it is a beautiful reminder that we are all truly human beings, not human doers. Out of the clinic, Alexandra will likely be found exploring the city of Baltimore and all of its splendors, listening to “This American Life” on NPR, or hiking in the forest.
Claire Pallendre, L.Ac.
Claire Pallendre, L.Ac.Acupuncturist
Claire has been practicing acupuncture for 7 years in a variety of settings. She fell in love with acupuncture for its ability to inspire interpersonal growth and greater peace. Claire is a lifelong learner and has been a long time apprentice to Bob Duggan (Co-Founder of Maryland University of Integrative Health). In addition to her work with us at Mend, Claire offers pro bono Detox Acupuncture at Penn North Recovery in West Baltimore. When not with patients Claire is a practicing yogi, food lover and gardener.